Talking it over

Whilst it absolutely remains your call, we strongly recommend that you discuss your intention to apply for a Lifetime Loan with your family or any other person having an interest in the property.

We also strongly recommend that you seek additional independent financial advice from a qualified source about any possible effect that a Lifetime Loan could have on means-tested State benefits and other related matters.

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Independent Legal Advice

It is a condition of the loan that you receive independent legal advice before accepting any loan offer made to you.  An independent firm of solicitors must act for you.

  • You must use your own solicitor who will be representing you and not us. We do not influence and are not responsible for the advice they provide.
  • If you do not currently have a solicitor you can find one near you on the Law Society of Ireland’s website at »
  • You are responsible for agreeing and paying your solicitor’s legal bill directly with them. The Lifetime Loan Set-Up Fee does not include your solicitor’s legal bill.

Please notify your solicitor once you have applied through Spry for a Lifetime Loan that you have nominated them to receive the legal documents.