About Spry Finance

Spry Finance is part of the Irish-owned Seniors Money International group with over fifteen years of experience with providing Lifetime Loans to customers across the globe, including Ireland, Spain, Australia and New Zealand.
Our Experience, Your Advantage

Our experience is your advantage, giving you the reassurance to take the next step forward.

  • We’ve already helped thousands of Irish residents over the age of 60 to release equity from their most valuable possession, their home, to meet a financial need or maintain a reasonable quality of life in retirement
  • We’re fully regulated and we know our business inside out
  • We’ve a proven track record, both in Ireland and internationally
  • We’re Irish. We understand what matters to Irish people
  • We’re Lifetime Loan experts, so you can have total peace of mind that we know how to guide you through understanding and applying for a Lifetime Loan



Excellent Track Record

We are proud of our track record in responsibly providing our Lifetime Loan product to customers in Ireland and across the globe with a very high level of customer satisfaction.

We will continue to work hard to maintain this reputation and to provide our customers with a financial solution that’s right for them.

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