Green Lifetime Loan

The Green Lifetime Loan could help you live a greener life

We’ve always been here to help you live a greater life in later life. Now we’re here to help you live a greener life in later life and we are trying to make it simple and easy for you to be green. The new Green Lifetime Loan mirrors all the features of the standard Lifetime Loan with the added benefits of a reduced interest rate of 6.50% and a reduced set-up fee of €1,350.


3 options for qualification for a Green Lifetime Loan

Helping to make it easier to be green

  1. If you have an existing Building Energy Rating (BER) of B3 or higher and can provide a BER certificate with your Lifetime Loan application;
  2. If you intend using your Lifetime Loan to fund energy efficient home improvements to achieve a BER rating of B3 or better within 12 months of drawing down your loan; and/or
  3. If you intend using more than 50% of your Lifetime Loan for qualifying home improvements within 12 months of drawing down your loan
You may be required to provide a copy of your home’s BER Certificate and/or invoices evidencing home improvements completed within 12 months of drawing down the loan.

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List of Qualifying Home Improvements

Where you intend using 50% or more of your Lifetime Loan towards qualifying home improvements, work being undertaken must include one or more of the below to qualify for a Green Lifetime Loan

Qualifying Home Improvements

Spry Green Lifetime Loan BER table

  • Where a BER certificate number is provided by you, Seniors Money may use it to validate your BER rating with the Sustainable Energy Authority Ireland national BER register.
  • Where you are unable to evidence qualifying works completed, Seniors Money reserves the right to apply our standard fixed rate to your Lifetime Loan.
For details of grants available under the National Home Energy Upgrade Scheme please visit Sustainable Energy Authority of Ireland’s website at or email [email protected]


Additional Benefits

Spry Green Loan

  1. Funds utilised for home improvement projects should, in turn, have a positive effect on the future market value of your property, further benefitting you
  2. Government grants are available to help offset some of the cost of certain qualifying improvement works
  3. Increased energy efficiency should lead to lower monthly energy bills for you