‘Your Greater Life’

At Spry Finance, we believe that later life should mean a greater life. People are living longer and generally in better health – and we should all strive to make the most of life when we have the time to enjoy ourselves.

Lifetime Loans can provide the resources for you to experience new things – whether it is paying for home improvements, a dream holiday, a new car, or simply enhancing your general lifestyle.

Spry DCU Age-Friendly University

However, as we get older and reach retirement age and beyond, it’s also important to invest time and energy in activities which support and enhance our physical and mental health.

That’s what this section of the Spry Finance website is about: providing older people with ideas and information about interesting and fun ways they can stay mentally sharp, physically fit, and live their greater life in later life.


Sponsorship of The Guinness Choir

The Guinness Choir is a thriving community of people who are passionate about music and the joy that singing brings them.

Founded in 1951 by employees of the famous brewery, The Guinness Choir has more than 100 members and attracts amateur singers from all over Dublin and beyond. They rehearse every week and perform beautiful choral works at two gala performances each year.

Studies have shown that choir singing is good for your body and mind, especially for older people. Benefits include better cognitive function and improved breathing, posture, and muscle tension.

Spry is proud to support the The Guinness Choir. Our sponsorship of one of Dublin’s oldest mixed-voice choirs reflects our commitment to encourage older people to stay active and live a greater life in later life.

Find out more about The Guinness Choir and concerts throughout the year.

Spry Finance sponsorship of The Guinness Choir

The Age-Friendly University @ DCU

Spry Finance is proud to support the Age-Friendly University.

Launched in 2012, the AFU is a wonderful programme which encourages older people to embrace higher education through a range of wellness, cultural, social, research and educational opportunities at Dublin City University.

Spry Age-Friendly University DCU

The AFU is about participation and is ideal for those who have a love of learning. Its purpose is to bring age diversity to the university campus, to promote intergenerational engagement, and to help challenge stereotypes and combat ageism.

The AFU supports ageing in a positive and healthy way and with more than 2,000 older people visiting DCU every week, it’s safe to say that the programme is a tremendous success.

Find out more about the Age-Friendly University »