Equity Release Calculator

Welcome to the Spry Lifetime Loan Calculator which lets you run your own scenarios. Use this calculator to determine:

You can run and re-run the calculator with different assumptions to see the outcome of each scenario.

Enter your age(s) and the location and estimated value of your home. The calculator will show the maximum amount you could borrow.

In the case of joint borrowers, both must be aged at least 60 years of age. The age of the younger borrower is used to determine the maximum loan value.

Your property must be worth at least €250,000 if in Dublin or €175,000 if elsewhere.

This is the indicative maximum amount you could borrow. You can choose how much of this you want to borrow based on the amount required to meet your identified financial needs and objectives.

Step 2

Enter the lump sum amount you would like to borrow and your own assumption of the average amount by which house prices will grow (or fall) each year during the life of the loan. The calculator will provide an estimate of your property's future value, the future loan balance and the amount of equity remaining for you or your beneficiaries at various ages.

There is a minimum loan value of €20,000 and an overall maximum loan limit of €500,000 irrespective of age or property value.

% p.a
Your property value may increase over time. Please enter the assumed property growth rate you would like to use for this illustration. (The default property growth rate is 2% per annum. You can enter a negative growth rate to see the impact if house prices fall instead of grow over time.)

Loan Details
Loan Summary Details
Age of Younger Applicant:
Your Estimate of Your Property's Value:
Assumed House Price Growth Rate:%
Fixed Interest Rate:%
Maximum loan amount:
Requested loan amount:
Loan Set Up fee:
Net loan proceeds:

Age Years Loan Balance Estimated Property Value Equity Remaining


For illustrative purposes, interest on the loan is calculated at a fixed rate of 6.45% or 6.25% per annum and compounded monthly. Your Annual Percentage Rate (APR) will be calculated and provided to you during the application process.

The estimated future property values are based on your estimate of the current property value and the rate of house price growth you entered.

The equity remaining is based on the estimated future property value less the accumulated loan balance. It does not allow for any costs that may be incurred upon sale of the property.

This Spry Lifetime Loan calculator is for illustrative purposes only and is not an offer of a loan. It does not guarantee any future equity in your home. The amount you can borrow will depend on your individual circumstances.

Property values may not increase over the term of the mortgage, and could even fall.

If the amount of equity remaining is shown as zero, the No Negative Equity Guarantee would ensure that you would not have to repay more than the net sale proceeds of your property.

Qualifying criteria

To qualify for a Lifetime Loan you (or the younger borrower if there are two) must be at least 60 years of age. The property must be of standard construction, located in the Republic of Ireland and be worth at least €250,000 if in Dublin or €175,000 if elsewhere.